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Warranty l

Limited Warranty: WARRANTY REQUEST REQUIRES THE UNIT TO BE RETURNED WITHOUT PRIOR DISASSEMBLY. Any disassembly will void warranty. JP warrants any parts that are installed at JP, free from defects in materials used, workmanship, and assembly for a limited period of 3 months from the date of invoice. Once a complaint is filed the item must be received or notification of getting it here must be done within 15 days. Effective 2/13/20,  Re-use of customer components not designed by JP are not covered under this warranty. Every effort is made to identify damage with re-used hard part components. The supercharger must be properly maintained and operated within original manufacturer’s specifications. Any claimed liability cannot exceed more than the dollar amount of the original transaction. Limited warranty is defined as coverage for any parts and labor that were purchased in the invoiced transaction with the exception of new component assemblies warrantied by the manufacturer. It does not cover damage from improper maintenance, accidents, neglect, improper use, improper care, alterations, mistreatment, improper installation, and continued use with an issue. It does not cover return shipping or any labor to remove/reinstall from the vehicle. New sales warranty will fall under the manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty requests can be made at any time. Any claim is subject to our discretion and only after inspected at JP. JP will not be liable for consequential or incidental damages, shipping costs, removal/installation labor or towing costs associated with any incident.

Examples of issues that can void a warranty:

  • Hot air intake heat damage (air pulled from within engine bay without shielding from radiator/engine heat).
  • The oil level is too high.
  • The oil level is too low.
  • Engine oil blow by. Use a properly made oil trap to prevent this issue. Our oil is tinted blue to help determine engine oil versus supercharger oil in a supercharger.
  • Supercharger RPM exceeds maximum published RPM by manufacturer. Small pulleys and high engine rpms contribute to this.
  • Foreign material has entered. Dirt, debris, hard objects, gasket material, piston rings, pistons, ect.
  • Alterations after service or tampered serial #’s.
  • Damage caused by external environmental conditions such as improper assembly of additional components to supercharger. Example such as over-torquing of bolts, too long of bolts, excess silicone used as a gasket maker pushed into the rotor pack, removal/reinstalling pulley with an impact, ect.
  • Engine detonation. Engine detonation is the number ONE cause of rotor to rotor contact. Timing of rotors can be altered with detonation.
  • Improperly tuned engine.
  • High heat from intercooler issues.
  • Overheating engines.
  • Blown engines.
  • Racing use.

Claim Procedure:

  • A phone call is require to schedule a time. It is not required for approval. If you have it ready to go, just follow the steps below, and attempt contact later.
  • Fill out Repair Request Form. Please mark the package with the word “WARRANTY”. Return item to JP for analysis.
  • Call us to schedule a date for return. This is requested to minimize your inconvenience and allow us to plan ahead with staff.
  • Please provide Make, Model, Year, Crankpulley pulley sizes on vehicle.
  • Warranty items are addressed immediately. Lead times do not apply.

Click Here to download our Warranty Request form.