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People ask all the time is there a difference between a 3axis vs a 5axis? Is it worth the price difference? The simple answer is yes to both. Here is why 5axis is better then 3axis.

Consistency of having the machine cut within .001 tolerance everytime. What does this equate to? The same work will repeat itself over and over again, resulting in the best results consistently within 5 %. Eliminating the human error factor.

What does all that mean for the customers? This means the same power for all customers and without one blower making significantly more power then another customers blower. Consistency for every single blower that comes through our door.

This also means structural integrity of the item we port remains intact. The product after it is tested will have the same structural integrity from snout to snout, plate to plate, blower to blower. Material thickness is key for harmonics and resonance. To thin or to much material can create thermal expansion issues inside of rotor pack housing if not monitored.

This can cause rotors to flex and deform at certain rpms and certain temperature ranges.

All of us here at Jokerz Performance are about being transparent with our customers. We never release a product unless we have enough r&d to back our claims & our products.

Jokerz Performance is your source for supercharging rebuilds & porting. With over 8+ years of rebuilding, porting & vast knowledge of many different supercharger platforms is second to none! Jokerz Performance offers many different porting options to suit each need out there from mild street car to full blown race car. Not only do we just specialize in superchargers, we offer other porting services like cnc cylinder head work, tb etc etc. Jokerz Performance works very exclusively with many manufactures & vendors in the Auto Industry on top of individual persons builds as well.