Whipple 3.0/3.8 Porting service




💥Jokerz 3.8 whipple porting results💥

💥Pulley combo/engine rpm💥

3.0 upper and 10% lower shifting at 8,000 rpm.
Final blower speed was 19066 blower rpm.


Stock whipple 3.8
Race Ported whipple 3.8
Jokerz street port whipple 3.8

💥Tune and dyno💥

Dynos done within a 5* degree ambient temp range
Same dyno jet dyno and car used for testing
Tune was unchanged during testing
Pump e85 at 80%

💥Test purpose💥

The purpose of this test was to show that with less blower rpm we can still pick up descent horsepower without spinning the blower harder . There is no reason to offer a port like everyone else. We want to be different so we offer a different approach. If needed we can offer a more aggressive port based on your desired rpm. Longevity and reliability with a gain in horsepower was our goal.

🛑I would like to note. I take this seriously. This test is not to prove our port out performs other ports. Other ports may perform better at higher rpms when blower is spun harder. It is public knowledge and the companies agree that with the more aggressive ports the blower needs to spun harder to meet there target range. This test reflects jokerz target rpm range and thats what we are focused on. 🛑


Stock whipple blower -1138 hp and 902 ft lns
Race ported whipple- 1162 hp and 911 ft lbs
Jokerz street port whipple – 1226 hp and 948 ft lbs

🚨Stock to jokerz street port-88 hp and 46 ft lb🚨

🚨Race port to jokerz street-64 hp and 37 ft lb🚨

🛑🛑final dyno numbers arent the goal of this test. The gains between pulls was our focus to show proof of work🛑🛑

Work done at True Street Motorsportsfor my customer Dillon Dollar of 3 years.

Final numbers may very due to dyno type, difference in mods, and atmosphere when being applied to your build specifically. Dyno numbers show proof of work and concept developed by jokerz for a specific functioning range.

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